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Mortgage Loan Officer

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The Mint Capital is now hiring new Loan Officers, no mortgage experience required!

Anybody with a good sales drive will make it to the high 6 figures!
We are looking to hire in Baltimore, Brooklyn, Detroit, HOuston, Lakewood, Monroe, Monsey, Phoenix, and Williamsburg.

When do people reach out to a loan officer?

When someone is at the stage of buying a house and has some of the funds but not the full amount, he will need the bank to lend him the rest. However, most banks don’t deal with individuals,  here is when they reach out to a loan officer to help them apply for their mortgage.

What is the role of a Loan Officer?

The LO will need to generate his own leads and create a good book of business for himself.
The LO needs to take in their clients, understand their needs, gett all the documents needed, structure the loan, and communicate with the banks, underwriters, and attorneys,

How much does a Loan Officer earn?

A LO, is basically a commission based  employee. Depending on the amount of files closed and the amount per loan.
The bigger the sales drive, the more files closed, the bigger the commission! 

We at The Mint Capital have created our own unique commission structure, which you won't find in any other Mortgage brokerage firm!
We provide full sales and mortgage training and ongoing coaching to help you succeed earn in the high six figures!

Why The Mint Capital?

About Mint Capital Inc.
The Mint Capital is one of the biggest residential mortgage brokerage firms in our community and growing bigger…

The Mint Advantage – As a Loan Officer!

• Great reputation on the street

• Friendliest, most fun and helpful teammates – Become part of The Mint! Family

• Speediest processing in the industry, bar none (10-days, 2 weeks common)

• Cheapest broker fee on the market:

• Extensive training “How to pass your NMLS test”, “how to get your license”, etc

• Powerful beginning and ongoing weekly sales training

• In-depth, individualized coaching, goal setting, and accountability

• Onboarding to our “90 Day Roadmap to Success” program, (to bring you be"H to $10k/mo in your first year)

• Extensive mortgage knowledge training and software onboarding

• Expert ongoing loan-structuring help-desk (like your very own senior loan officer partner, only for free)

• Full high-level leadership staff, who do NOT do loans on their own, are only here to help the LOs to grow & earn

• Completely hand over your file to our Ultimate Care handling by the speediest processing team around

• Branded & Personalized marketing material and Sales Sheets

• Incoming phone leads from The Mint advertisements

• Numerous event sponsorships over the year, where you get to come and network like a Pro

• Quarterly Bonuses for reaching your goals

• Yearly trip, when reaching a very reasonable yearly goal

• $2000 a year Marketing budget

• And much more


Skills needed:  

  • Sales Skills
  • Knack for numbers

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